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PRAISE® SOLITAIRE DIAMOND RATING® Hotel Classification System:

Not happy with STAR Ratings. Then switch to our PRAISE® SOLITAIRE DIAMOND RATING® Hotel Classification System. The PRAISE® SOLITAIRE DIAMOND RATING® Hotel Classification System consists of four quality awards with six being the highest and three the lowest: 



Properties are assessed on their Facilities and Inclusions, Services and Amenities, Room and Room Satisfaction, Cleanliness and Maintenance, Food and Beverage, Safety and Security and Staff Customer Service.


The ultimate in quality and hospitality. A Six Solitaire property represents the epitome in luxury facilities and services. Properties must meet and maintain an impeccable standard of service while delivering an exceptional experience that exceeds guest expectations.


Exceptional quality and hospitality are the hallmarks that define and distinguish a Five Solitaire property. Luxury facilities and services are standard features. Properties must meet and maintain a very high standard of service while delivering an experience that fulfils guest expectations.                                                                   


Well-appointed with up-scale facilities, services and enhanced amenities. Four Solitaire properties provide comfort and cleanliness and a good standard of service. 


Three Solitaire properties provide comfort and cleanliness with basic facilities and a satisfactory standard of service.


To view more detailed information on our PRAISE® SOLITAIRE DIAMOND RATING® Hotel Classification minimum requirements click hereclick here (521.49 KB)

To view more detailed information on our PRAISE® Assessment process click hereclick here (3.43 MB)

To view an example PRAISE® Hotel Assessment Report of a FIVE SOLITAIRE DIAMOND Rated hotel click hereclick here (11.43 MB)

To view our current PRAISE® SOLITAIRE DIAMOND RATING® monthly pricing plans for 2015 click hereclick here (1.08 MB)


Defining The Guest Experience!

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PRAISE® Hotel Assessments:

Are you looking for an independent, in-depth evaluation of your hotel and the overall guest experience it provides? One that includes the hotel's facilities, food and beverage, services and most importantly, the guest service experience provided by your associates? If that's the reason your search has brought you to this page then please read on. Your search has ended!

PRAISE® Hotel Assessments were developed to standardise our evaluations of hotels and serviced apartments. Up to 30 individuals areas are evaluated, with PRAISE® Hotel Assessments encompassing the overall results of over 1000 individual criteria, including a detailed analysis of staff customer service performance.

PRAISE® Hotel Assessments are based upon our PRAISE® Hotel Rating System, which is a unique quantitative system developed and created by Hotel Evaluations for the purpose of evaluating and assessing a hotel's facilities, food and beverage, services and staff customer service, from a paying guest's point of view. In order to complete a PRAISE® Hotel Assessment, evaluation teams actually stay undercover at a hotel as paying guests and independently evaluate the hotel stay, focusing on facilities, food and beverage, services and staff customer service. PRAISE® Hotel Assessments are undertaken without the knowledge of the hotel's front of house staff. They can be undertaken as one or two night undercover stays and include options for 10, 20 or 40 minimum staff interactions.

PRAISE® Hotel Assessment Reports are in the form of statistical and empirical data comprising spreadsheets, tables and charts, and have proven to be an invaluable tool for benchmarking the guest's hotel experience, and the quality and standard of the hotel, over time.

In line with our continuous improvement program our PRAISE® Hotel Rating System is reviewed annually to incorporate changes recommended by our evaluation teams and to reflect industry best practice.

Assessment results are usually available within 21 days of our stay.

To view an Example of a PRAISE® Hotel Assessment Report click hereclick here (1.90 MB)

To view our current PRAISE® Hotel Assessment monthly pricing plans for 2015 click hereclick here (1.08 MB) 


If It's Not Measured It's Not Managed!

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PRAISE® Staff Assessments:

Are you at your wits' end when it comes to negative reviews posted on sites like TripAdvisor and Expedia, about your hotel's service or lack thereof? Would you like to eliminate or at least significantly reduce them? Even better, would you like to see more positive reviews being posted instead? Who wouldn’t! At Hotel Evaluations we understand the impact to your hotel’s bottom line that a single negative review can have, let alone multiple negative reviews. 

When you consider that most reviews, positive or negative, in some way relate to the way your associates interact with your guests, on a day to day basis, your hotel’s on-line reviews will reflect your associates customer service standards. If you want to reduce negative reviews and increase positive reviews, you have to improve service standards! It’s a no-brainer and although it’s not “Rocket Science,” providing excellent customer service, on a consistent basis, can benefit from the adoption of Scientific methods. Define and hypothesise, research and experiment, measure and analyse and communicate results. Our PRAISE® Staff Assessments do this and much more and focus entirely on the guest's customer service experience. 

Please take a moment to consider the following.

Do you know which of your front of house associates:

Provide friendly, polite, efficient & professional service to your guests?
Up sell your guests?
Up service your guests?
Exceed your guests expectations?

Do you know:

The greetings they use?
The terms they use?
The parting statements they use?

If you don't, because you lack an accurate and effective tool to measure all of the above, then Hotel Evaluations can help you to find out. Our PRAISE® Staff Assessments will provide you with answers to all of these questions and much more.

Are you focused on improving customer service within your hotel? Can you do more?

Our PRAISE® Staff Assessments will change the way you measure service and they will focus your associates on achieving service excellence. They will help you to increase sales and revenue by improving guest satisfaction, guest loyalty and repeat business and they will help you to reduce negative on-line reviews and increase positive on-line reviews.

PRAISE® Staff Assessments have been designed to define and assess the current guest service experience at your hotel, and to provide you with cutting edge metrics analysis of every aspect of that guest service experience. They turn opinions into facts and they will empower you with the knowledge you need to guide your associates to achieve their full potential, to be the best they can be. Your associates and your guests will experience the benefits and your hotel will be rewarded for providing excellent guest service and true value for money.

PRAISE® Staff Assessments were developed to provide hoteliers with a comprehensive analysis of staff interactions and to measure and quantify hotel staff guest service standards.

This analysis includes detailed information on the following staff key performance indicators:

  1.  Greetings.
  2.  Friendliness.
  3.  Politeness.
  4.  Professionalism.
  5.  Product Knowledge.
  6.  Efficiency.
  7.  Exceeded Expectations.
  8.  Appearance.
  9.  Parting Statements.
  10.  Up Selling & Up Servicing.

PRAISE® Staff Assessments are undertaken without the knowledge of the hotel's front of house staff. They can be undertaken as one or two night undercover stays and include options for 15, 25 or 40 minimum staff interactions.

PRAISE® Staff Assessment Reports are in the form of statistical and empirical data comprising spreadsheets, tables and charts, and have proven to be an invaluable tool for benchmarking staff performance over time.

Assessment results are usually available within 21 days of our stay.

To view our current PRAISE® Staff Assessment monthly pricing plans for 2015 click hereclick here (1.07 MB)


Customer Service Is All About Attitude!

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PRAISE® web site:

Our PRAISE® web site is the public face of Hotel Evaluations PRAISE® Hotel Rating System. The web site contains both free content and paid subscriber only sections and features hotels that we have PRAISE® Rated in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Launceston. We believe the travelling public deserve a great hotel experience when they stay at hotels in Australia. Our goal is to help them choose the hotel that best suits their requirements.

The results of our PRAISE® Hotel Assessments reveal not just what they want to know, but what they really need to know. The web site was developed to enable the travelling public to gain access to the information that we have accumulated through our PRAISE® Hotel Assessments.

Our PRAISE® web site, along with its unique comprehensive PRAISE® Hotel Photo Galleries, allows our subscribers to compare PRAISE® Rated hotels. Our PRAISE® Hotel Photo Galleries contain high resolution, extra large images that reveal details of hotels that until now, have not been available on the web. We facilitate the ability to book a hotel stay by providing a direct link to the hotel's own web site. Our subscribers pay no third party booking fees when they book directly with a hotel and Hotel Evaluations does not receive any commission for the booking from the hotel or any other party.

The web site provides our subscribers with all the necessary information to enable them to choose their next hotel stay with the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that the hotel has been PRAISE® Rated.


Its the closest you can get to experiencing a hotel without actually being there!

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Brand Assessments:

Hotel Evaluations also provides a service that tests a hotel's own front of house systems, including brand testing and internal standard assessments.

Hotels only need to provide us with information on the brand standard or system they require tested. We will then custom design a report and complete a Mystery Shop of the hotel measuring brand standard compliance.


Do you talk the talk but don't walk the walk!

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